Where Is The Hometown Of Non Wovens?

- Aug 02, 2019-

Xiantao, located in the hinterland of Jianghan plain, has been awarded the title of "Chinese non woven industrial city" by China Textile Industry Federation, and has become the recognized hometown of nonwoven. In fact, Xiantao's non woven fabric industry started in the 1980s and 1990s.

Non woven fabric is used when raw materials come mainly from refining petroleum produced by the polyethylene and polypropylene plastic particles, after high temperature melting, spinning the short fibers or filament, the directional or random, adhesive made of flakes, fabric or batts, because do not need to textile but has the appearance of the cloth, and some performance and called the non-woven fabric, is breathable, flexibility, low cost, cycle use, etc.

The technology was first used in Europe and the United States, and then spread to Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in China in the late 1980s. In China, it was initially used for making disposable non woven masks, disposable non woven shoe covers, disposable non woven working caps, etc. The disposable non woven products were mainly exported overseas for the labor insurance market, and the consumption increased year by year. In 1970, the global consumption of non woven fabrics was only 400,000 tons, but by 1985, it had increased to 1.1 million tons and maintained a high growth rate.

The development history of Xiantao non woven fabric industry is derived from "an unexpected foreign trade order", which makes Xiantao non woven fabric industry have "a spark can set the prairie ablaze", more and more people began to join the non woven fabric industry.

Especially in 2003, when SARS spreaded across the country, the domestic demanded for non woven face masks increased sharply. This year, xiantao non woven production value reached 800 million yuan, laid the position in the industry.

Seize the development opportunities of Xiantao, non woven industry will be bigger and bigger.