What Aspects Do Users Need To Purchase Disposable Masks?

- May 17, 2019-

Now the natural environment is getting worse and worse. People wear disposable masks when they travel. However, when people buy disposable masks, what should be done? The small piece of disposable masks below is simple for the users. Under the introduction, I hope to help everyone.

Dust-proof efficiency, the dust-blocking efficiency of the mask is based on its barrier efficiency against fine dust, especially for respiratory dust below 2.5 microns. Because this particle size of dust can directly enter the alveoli, it has the greatest impact on human health. The gauze mask, the dust-proof principle is mechanical filtration, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, through the layer-by-layer barrier, some large particles of dust are blocked in the sand cloth. For some fine dust, especially dust less than 2.5 microns, it will pass through the mesh of the gauze and enter the respiratory system. A dust mask consisting of a filter material activated carbon fiber mat or a non-woven fabric, and those less than 2.5 micron of respirable dust pass through the filter.

The degree of tightness and the anti-side leakage of the mask are designed to prevent air from passing through the gap between the mask and the human face without being inhaled by filtration. The air is like a stream of water, where it flows first where resistance is small. When the shape of the mask is not close to the face, the dangerous objects in the air will leak from the intimate place and enter the human respiratory tract. Then, even if you choose a good mask for the filter material. Nor can you protect your health. Many foreign regulations and regulations stipulate that workers should conduct mask adhesion tests on a regular basis. The purpose is to ensure that the worker chooses a suitable mask and wears the mask in the correct order.

Comfortable to wear, so that workers will be willing to wear and improve their work efficiency in the workplace. The maintenance-free masks in foreign countries do not need to be cleaned or replaced. When the dust is saturated or the mask is damaged, it is discarded. This not only ensures the hygiene of the mask but also saves the time and effort of the worker to maintain the mask. Moreover, many masks have an arch shape, which can ensure a good adhesion to the shape of the face and a certain space at the nose and mouth, and is comfortable to wear.