What Are The Types Of Disposable Dust Masks On The Market?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Masks should be familiar to everyone, because we often use them in our daily lives. However, there are many types of masks. Then, in the society, Disposable dust masks are often used. What kinds of Disposable dust masks are there? The small masks of the disposable masks are used to introduce the Disposable dust masks to the users. Kind, let's take a look at it.

Disposable dust masks are essential for workers engaged in and exposed to dust, otherwise they will be fatal to the operator. Disposable dust masks are primarily used in environments that contain low levels of harmful gases and vapors. The filter dust is mainly supported by the filter cloth in the middle. Since the melt blown cloth has the characteristics of being electrostatically charged, it can adsorb positive and small particles. Some military respirator masks are mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or with water- and oil-resistant fabric as the outer layer, glass fiber filter material as the inner layer, and polyurethane foam impregnated with activated carbon as the bottom layer, which can provide temporaryity in case of sudden attack by poison gas. Protection.

Activated carbon mask: It has a large surface area (500~1000m2/g) and has strong adsorption performance. It can adsorb gas, liquid or colloidal solid on its surface. For gas and liquid, the quality of adsorbed material is close. The quality of the activated carbon itself. Its adsorption is selective, and non-polar substances are more easily adsorbed than polar substances. In the same series of substances, the higher the boiling point, the more easily the substance is adsorbed. The higher the pressure, the lower the concentration and the larger the adsorption amount. Conversely, depressurization and warming are beneficial to the desorption of gas. Activated carbon can also adsorb metal ions, harmful gases, organic pollutants, pigments, etc. in waste water and exhaust gas.

Filter mask: usually divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, that is, a mask shelf; the other is the filter material part, including filter cotton for dustproof and chemical filter box for anti-virus. That is, you can use the same mask body. When dust is needed in the dust working environment, match the corresponding filter cotton, so you put on a Disposable dust mask; when you are anti-virus in a toxic environment, replace it. Filter the cotton and install the corresponding chemical filter box, so that it becomes a respirator, or you can combine the other as needed.