How Should The Quality Of The Disposable Mask Be Identified?

- May 14, 2019-

People in daily life need to wear masks. The main reason is that air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Wearing disposable masks mainly prevents bacteria and dust in the air from being inhaled into the body and affecting the health of the body. However, users are choosing. When buying a disposable mask, I often buy some inferior quality. How to identify the quality of the disposable mask? The small mask of the disposable mask will be introduced to the users. I hope to help everyone.

In a place with sufficient light, place the side close to the face and the light at 180 degrees to see if the non-woven fabric is shiny and has no broken hair. The mask is stained, shredded, and color cast is a defective product. Touch if the entire mask is soft, smooth and not rough. The mask fabric is hard, rough and thin as a defective product.

Smell the mask for smell, not only the surface of the cloth but also the ear strap. There is a smell as a defective product. (Individual packaging can prevent the mask from being infected by odor, dust and bacteria in the air.) Wear it to see if it is ears, and whether the nose and nose of the ear are itchy. Le ears, smells are defective.

The last point is to see if the package has a production address, implementation standards, and usually implement GB15979-2002 or enterprise standards. If the wrapping paper is too bad, smelly, and there is no standard or standard scribble, then the mask is probably made by the workshop. Note: The GB2626-2006 standard is completely unsuitable.