How Should The Anti-counterfeit Label Of The Disposable Dust Mask Be Identified?

- May 11, 2019-

With the continuous development of society, air pollution is becoming more and more serious, causing many people to wear disposable dust masks. It is for this reason that many people will buy disposable dust masks. However, many people do not know the anti-counterfeit labels of disposable dust masks. How to identify, the following small mask of disposable masks will be introduced to the general user.

In order to achieve safe, comfortable and economical protection, we recommend that you choose KN100 and KN95 disposable dust masks; try to choose LA-certified masks. Only the certified disposable dust mask is required to ensure the protection level is secure; try to select the half mask of the silicone body. Comfortable to wear and low breathing resistance. You only need to do this to let you go out in a hazy climate, give yourself a healthy day, and add points to your health.

3M dustproof mask anti-counterfeiting label, use a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology, including digital security ID code telephone inquiry, QR code digital anti-counterfeiting and 3M unique eC2C color film, as 3M disposable dust mask anti-counterfeiting or packaging box security sealing purposes.

16-digit digital anti-counterfeit identification code, coating secret scratch-off design, customers can query through 400 telephones; QR code digital selection QR code and coating secret scratch-off design, enterprise inspectors can easily complete the photo through the App software Mall inspection; 3MeC2C color film film imprinted 3M logo, when rolling, the colorless part of the label will be colorless to blue-green and red and black parts. The anti-counterfeiting logo is compatible with multiple high-end anti-counterfeiting technologies, which are intuitive and easy to identify and useful for anti-counterfeiting.