How Much Do You Know When Wearing Disposable Masks?

- May 24, 2019-

Nowadays, the haze weather is getting more and more serious. Many people will buy masks for protection. However, when they are sick, they also need to wear masks. However, many people don’t understand the time of wearing masks. Today, Xiaobian gives them Everyone briefly introduces this knowledge.

The dust mask is not tight enough. Once the polluted air enters the nose and mouth from the gaps on both sides of the nose and the surrounding air, the anti-smash mask will lose its protective effect. The disposable mask is worn by:

First, pull the anti-smash masks with both hands, and then tie the elastic bands on both sides to the left and right ears;

Secondly, adjust the anti-fog mask to a suitable position on the face;

Third, the index finger and middle finger of both hands are pressed from the center top to both sides until they are close to the bridge of the nose. Finally, touch the mask on the nose, cheeks and chin, pay attention to whether it fits, wear a disposable mask and take a deep breath. If it feels leaking around, and the resistance increases when breathing, it should be re-adjusted or replaced. Do not touch the inside of the mask when wearing a disposable mask.

Do you know when the disposable mask is worn?

First, wash your hands before wearing a mask. Next, hold the ear rope with both hands, and put the dark side to the outside (blue), the light color inside (the suede white). Place the side of the mask with the wire on the nose, pinch the wire according to your nose, and then pull the mask cover completely down so that the mask completely covers the nose and mouth.

How often does the disposable mask change? Disposable masks should not be used repeatedly, usually need to be replaced once every 6-8 hours. When the environment is particularly bad, it is necessary to replace one or wear two for four hours.

When the mask is not worn, it should be folded into a clean envelope and folded in a side that fits snugly against the nose and mouth. Do not hang it in the pocket or hang it around your neck.