Disposable Masks Should Not Be Worn For More Than 2 Hours

- May 05, 2019-

At present, it is the season of high incidence of various respiratory diseases with a stream of influenza. Many citizens choose to wear masks to prevent diseases and prevent cold. Experts from the disinfection department of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that they should visit patients in the hospital, see a doctor or go to crowds and air. It is right to wear a mask to prevent disease in public places, but if the mask purchased is unqualified or worn irregularly, it will greatly reduce or lose the protective effect of the mask, and even bring some other harm to the human body. Disinfection experts reminded that wearing a mask to prevent a stream, buy and wear caution.

According to experts, the current preventive masks on the market mainly include N95, surgical masks, gauze masks and cotton masks. The main transmission route of a stream is the spread of droplets at close range. The qualified masks and proper wearing will play a protective role. . But in the past two years, a variety of colorful fashion "cartoon" masks have become a popular trend. In some jewelry stores, you can buy one for a few dollars. These masks are just wrapped in a transparent plastic bag. There is no information about the manufacturer. It is made of gauze and has the function of protecting the respiratory system and preventing germs. Some are made of polyester fiber, and a cartoon pattern is printed on the surface of the mask. This mask is fashionable, but it does not necessarily protect the respiratory system. The low-priced printing and dyeing mask contains chemical fiber and is printed with a colorful cartoon pattern on the front side, which is relatively poor in air permeability. Healthy people wearing this mask does not have much benefit to the respiratory system. Chemical fiber fabrics may stimulate the bronchial tubes. Some dyes for printed masks are unqualified, and skin irritation and nose discomfort may occur. Some patients with allergies and asthma may wear this mask to aggravate the condition.

Experts reminded that the state has not only strict regulations on the thickness, number of layers and permeability of masks, but also safety requirements. For general textiles, there are also five indicators such as color fastness, formaldehyde, PH value, and banned carcinogenic dyes. Fashion masks are not medical masks, and they are not strictly disinfected. Many masks are not made of pure cotton yarn and contain a lot of polyester fiber. Some drawings have only 2 to 4 layers of light gauze, which is difficult to effectively filter viruses and dust in the air. Some masks are too big or too small to wrap the face tightly and comfortably, and the dirty air is sucked into the body without being filtered. Therefore, try not to buy fashionable "cartoon" masks. When you buy other masks, you should rely on the feel. The regular "multi-layer" mask has more than 12 layers, and the mask is soft, elastic, uniform and has no obvious agglomerates. The inferior masks have a layer of hard plastic, some are rotten gauze, and some are thin soft tissues. If you check carefully, you can have a clear feeling on the hand. The second is to look at the packaging. The masks produced by regular manufacturers are packaged in accordance with strict regulations. Consumers can choose mask products with separate small packages to avoid secondary pollution to a large extent. In addition, you should also pay attention to the approval of the production information such as the document number, trademark, factory name, factory address and telephone. The third is the selling point. Consumers can go to regular shopping malls, supermarkets and pharmacies to buy masks. The price of 12 to 16 masks is generally around three or four yuan. In some small commodities market, 1 to 2 yuan of "cheap goods", consumers should be careful to buy. In addition, the choice of generation of nose clips, the protective effect will be better.

Choosing the right mask, but if you don't wear it properly, it will greatly reduce its protective effect. When wearing a mask, be sure to cover the mouth and nose completely. You can't leave your mouth because you only cover the mask. When wearing a mask, distinguish it from inside and outside. Don't exchange it. If you wear it outside, and then change it inside, you will suck in a lot of germs and viruses. Prepare some masks, wash them frequently, and sterilize them for 10 minutes. Wash in time, dry, and pack. In principle, each mask should be worn for no more than 2 hours, and one for each day. In addition, you should not sprinkle aroma on the mask, because the fragrance will stimulate the respiratory system and induce respiratory diseases. Do not touch it with your hands when wearing it.