Brief Introduction To The Steps Of Wearing Disposable Masks

- Jun 01, 2019-

In recent years, there are often smog weather. At this time, people will buy disposable masks. However, many people often wear methods when they wear disposable masks. The small series will be introduced to the users. I hope to help everyone.

The wearing steps of the disposable mask:

First, wash: First, wash your hands, so as not to contaminate the inside of the dust mask with dirty hands;

Second, hang: put a disposable mask on the face and nose, use both hands to hang the rope at both ends on the ear;

Third, pull: pull the wrinkles of the mask at the same time with both hands up and down, so that the mask can completely cover the nose and mouth and the chin;

Fourth, pressure: Finally, use the index finger of both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose, so that the upper end of the mask can be close to the bridge of the nose.

In addition, it is necessary to remind everyone that after wearing a disposable mask, it is necessary to avoid frequent contact with the mask to prevent the protection from being reduced. After taking off the mask, put it in a tape or paper bag and put it in a covered trash can. And wash your hands in time; do not reuse disposable masks.

Many people buy a mask and feel uncomfortable to wear, so they don't want to wear it. In fact, they don't find the correct way to wear a disposable mask. So after wearing a mask, the exhaled breath will blur the glasses, so that they can't see clearly. road. The above is about wearing a correct disposable mask.