What details do you need to consider when purchasing a disposable dust mask?

- Jun 06, 2019-

Disposable dust masks are becoming more and more indispensable in daily life, because people wear disposable dust masks mainly to protect their health. However, many users need to consider the details when purchasing. Disposable masks today. The small series will be introduced to the general user, I hope to help everyone.

Occupational protection should be purchased according to local regulations: When the application site of the protective mask is used in the work, that is, occupational protection, before selecting the protective mask, firstly, the type and level of the hazard should be fully understood to understand the hazard to its own health. influences. At the same time, understand the relevant laws, regulations and standards of the government, and strictly follow the implementation, and purchase according to relevant laws and regulations.

Consider the filtration efficiency of disposable dust masks: When choosing a respirator for anti-particles (such as dust, smoke, fog and pathogenic microorganisms from various sources, including PM2.5), first of all, you must choose to meet Chinese or international Standard masks to achieve basic filtration efficiency.

In daily use, you should pay attention to the relevant guidance of the government department: When ordinary consumers choose the protective masks for daily use, they should pay attention to the relevant guidance provided by the organization to help them choose the correct protection products. When there is a lack of such guidance, consumption You need to take the initiative to understand the relevant knowledge of protection, carefully read the product instructions, consult with manufacturers and authorities when necessary, and make the right choice.

When purchasing a disposable dust mask, consider the practicability and convenience of the face and the mask: the premise of effective protection is tightness. When wearing the mask, the leak between the mask and the face is relative to the filter passing through the mask itself. Penetration is more important. If you use it at work, you can use the “fitness test” to help you choose the right mask style. Every time you choose a new style, a new model of mask, and every year, you should do a “fitness test”.