Is the disposable dust mask really suitable for all people?

- May 05, 2019-

With the continuous development of industrial technology, people's living standards have gradually improved, but the natural environment pollution is getting more and more powerful, resulting in foggy weather in many areas, so people wear masks when they travel. Some people will ask if the disposable dust mask is really suitable for all people. Let's take a look at it below.

As soon as I saw the words of the disposable dust mask, I knew that the mask must prevent dust from entering the respiratory tract. Therefore, we should choose a mask with a dust-proof effect and a high dust-proof rate.

When choosing a mask, we must first choose a mask to match our face shape. Only in this way can the air be separated, and it is crucial to choose the shape that matches the face. Then choose your favorite color, choose a favorite color, and then choose a comfortable type, it is convenient and comfortable to wear, so that wearing a mask can not affect normal life. Use a mask to remember that you should not be in contact with bacteria, which will directly affect your breathing health.

In fact, not everyone is suitable for wearing a mask, because some people with respiratory diseases or heart problems can not wear masks, and pregnant women can not wear masks, which can lead to dizziness or difficulty breathing in pregnant women.