Analysis of which people are suitable for disposable dust masks?

- May 26, 2019-

Nowadays, disposable dust masks are often used by people in daily life. They are mainly a kind of respiratory protection device that prevents dust from entering the body. In normal times, we all think that everyone can wear disposable dust masks. This is not the case. Today, the small series of disposable masks will be introduced to the users, and I hope to help everyone.

When choosing a mask, we must first choose a mask to match our face shape. Only in this way can the air be separated, and it is crucial to choose the shape that matches the face. Then choose your favorite color, choose a favorite color, and then choose a comfortable type, it is convenient and comfortable to wear, so that wearing a mask can not affect normal life. Use a mask to remember that you should not be in contact with bacteria, which will directly affect your breathing health.

Some people can't wear disposable dust masks, such as respiratory diseases, or problems with the heart, can't wear masks, pregnant women can't wear masks, and if they wear dizziness or difficulty breathing, it is not suitable for wearing. Mask.