Analysis of the points that users should pay attention to when choosing disposable dust masks?

- Apr 30, 2019-

The natural environment is getting worse and worse. In many cities, there will be haze and people will wear disposable dust masks to protect their health. There are also some special working environments that require the use of disposable dust masks. So how do users choose disposable dust masks? What should you pay attention to? Let's take a look.

Before using a mask, consult an industrial hygiene or occupational safety professional to determine if your mask is suitable for your work environment. The product does not provide oxygen. Use only in a well ventilated environment with sufficient oxygen to sustain life. Do not use a mask when the oxygen content is below 19%.

Do not use a mask when the concentration of contaminants in the workplace is a direct threat to health and life. Do not use in an explosive environment. If you have difficulty breathing or nausea or other discomfort, please leave the job site quickly and breathe fresh oxygen. The characteristics of a falling beard or other face may affect the use of the disposable dust mask.

Under no circumstances should you change the mask without maintenance. Discs should be discarded after use. Keep the mask in the box before use to avoid direct sunlight. Activated carbon disposable dust masks can effectively remove odors, but they cannot be used to filter toxic gases. Please refer to the relevant local manual for the permissible concentrations of different chemicals.