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ABOUT US Nantong Allman Industry Co., Ltd Nantong Allman Industry Co., Ltd is the professional supplier on non woven disposable products for over 15 years with rich experience. After years efforts , with superior quality of products as well as excellent service & cheap price, now, we have become the leading supplier, who can provide all kinds of non woven disposable products in China.

Hot Products

    • Black Disposable Coveralls

      Black Disposable Coveralls

      The disposable protective clothing is made of the spunbonded non-woven cloth with the film. The disposable protective clothing is mainly used for the isolation between the human body and the environment, which can block the penetration of liquid...

    • Disposable Coveralls Small

      Disposable Coveralls Small

      The protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier property, can effectively resist the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluid, air dust particles and bacteria, is safe and convenient to use, can effectively protect the wearer from the threat of infection, comfortable to wear, good hand feel, strong tension resistance, breathable and waterproof, no cross infection, etc.

    • Full Face Covering Anti-fog Shield

      Full Face Covering Anti-fog Shield

      Face masks are used to protect the face and neck from flying metal debris, harmful gases, liquid spillage, metal and high temperature solvent dust.When in use, the protective mask should be clean and transparent, without scratches and cracks.The connection between the mask and the cap stand should be firm.The lacing of hat stand should be suitable for adjustment, make it wear on the head elastic moderate, safe and comfortable.The butterfly nut shall function well and be able to hold the mask in a position suitable for viewing.